Sunday, 29 March 2015

M.A.C Isabel And Ruben Toledo | Limited Edition | My picks

M.A.C and a designer couple Ruben and Isabel Toledo raise their hands together to design limited edition range of cosmetics for spring 2015.
Basically Ruben Toledo is an artist and all the graphics and faces on each product is designed by him.
The packing is beautifully designed while inducing graphics.
Here are some pictures of the collection (source google)

What I Picked From The Entire Collection?
Whole collection is beyond beautiful but I only picked these two:
This green colour catches my eyes instantly. A perfect combo to wear casually for this spring/summer for me.

  'Modern Twist Lash' Mascara
In Shade "chlorafill"
According to M.A.C:

A mascara that provides incredible volume, definition, length and curl from root to tip in four high-fashion colours. The innovative wide surface of this wave-shaped brush allows each and every lash to be separated, lengthened and volumized. Specially designed white packaging features Ruben’s illustrations of graphic lines and faces in his one-of-a-kind aesthetic.

    "Modern twist lash" in Chlorafill
My Veiws:

Twisted wand is an only plus point to me,
Which makes the lashes seperatly defined. The colour is shown so little after a multiple applications. Lasts for pretty 5-7 hours
All in all I'm underwhelmed by it's performance. 
I got it for pkr 3200 from an online makeup store Amor.

 'Pearlglide' Intense Eyeliner Pencil In Shade "Chlorafill"

According To Mac:
A trio of eye pencils that provide rich colour in shades of blue, green and violet with a touch of shimmer and sparkle. Smooth and creamy formula glides on for an intense line, yet its soft texture allows you to blend. 12-hour wear. Specially designed white packaging features Ruben’s illustrations of graphic lines and faces in his one-of-a-kind aesthetic.

          Intense eyeliner "chlorafill" 
My Views:

This is a lime pearl shade ,a very summery colour. Glides-on easily and give ful colour payoff. Last for good three to four hours. Dries instantly with water proof ability.
Bottom line, good performance as compare to "modern twist lash" mascara.
I got it for pkr 3200 from the same source as for mascara.
     Mascara         /    eyeliner 

Have any one of you got your hands on this collection. Please share your thoughts in the comments box so that  we will discuss it further.
Bye , till my next post 

Thursday, 19 March 2015

M.A.C Prabal Gurung Limited Edition Reviews and Swatches

                                                  ( all the above images are googled)

Hi every one!
Here I am with my fresh post.
While Living in this part of the world, I always got my supplies too late but any ways I try to review for you as soon as I got them. 
So here I go!
This Christmas MAC released their limited edition makeup range in collaboration with Parabal Gurung (a Napalese designer)
Collection is more than pretty for catching eyes.

I got two of the eye shadow duo,
 two lipsticks and a cream colour base for multi  purpose usage in coral luminex.

Eye Shadow Duo

Satin Ochre:

The two shades in this duo are;
Soft pale white gold frost colour and coral orange matte colour.
Both the colours are not too much pigmented but gives good colour payoff.
I will rate this product as 3/5.


         Pale white gold/ coral orange 


   Neutral beige shimmery / brown satin

Terre is a French word means earthy or related to earth so the colours are quite earthy toned 
Two shades in this duo are;
Neutral beige shimmery pearl and brown satin.
Easily blendible and not too much pigmented.
I will rate this product as 3/5


          Beige pearl     /   Brown satin

Company's Claim:
Colour plus texture for lips. Stands out on runway. Simmers on the street! 
Formulated to shade and define the lips. The iconic product that made M.A.C famous. In chic new hues envisioned by Prabal Gurung: Carmine Rouge, a clean true red. Light English red,a sheer beige nude and ultramarine Pink, a mid- tone dirty violet. Limited edition ultra luxe gold packaging with Prabal Gurung's logo.

My thoughts;

The lipsticks came in golden metallic tubes. I got two of  the three.

Ultra Marine Pink;


This lip colour is described as a mid toned dirty violet with a satin finish. To me it's more like a berry pink shade. Highly pigmented with good colour payoff. Applied so smoothly. I would rate this product 4/5. Lasts more than three hours.

Light English Red (Lustre);


To me it is not a red colour exactly but a muted beige-pink with red under tone.
Less pigmented. So smooth to apply due to creamy texture.
It is a very light daily wear shade for day time. Does not lasts for more than  an hour or half.
I would rate this lipstick as 2.5/5.

Cream Colour Base In Coral Lumineux;


What Company Says:

Versatile and multi-purpose, this unique colour base can be applied directly to bare skin, or layered over foundation, moisturizer or powder. Apply with a brush , sponge or fingers. Colour effect range from a light veil to highly dramatic, depending an application. Available exclusively to the M.A.C Prabal Gurung collection in Coral Lumineux, a vivid coral cream blush. Limited-edition, ultra-luxe gold packaging exclusive to the M.A.C + Prabal Gurung collection.

My Thoughts and Suggestions:
 I would suggest to use it as a blush, eyeshadow base or for lips.
The colour is so gorgeously beautiful with good payoff. So easy to blend. 
The creamy texture is so soft. 
The word Lumineux is stands for some neon type of shades and it carries a hint of it.
 I will rate this product as 4/5

Price And Availibility:
 I got mine from an online makeup page on face book.
Prices are mentioned respectively.
Lipsticks for Pkr3200 each
Eyeshadow duo for Pkr4500 each
Coral Lumineux for Pkr7500.
Have you got any of the piece from this collection?
Let's discuss in the comments.
Mahwish xoxo 

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

My First Ever MAC Blush Palette | Review

Hi everybody :)
Today I'm going to review my first ever MAC blush palette. Holding this beauty in my hands I'm feeling super excited. 
One thing that I love about MAC palettes is that One have to select all the shades to create cutomise palette so that there is no chance of having an unwanted color. 
All the six shades are beautifully housed in a good quality black plastic container with a transparent attached lid with "MAC" written on it. 
The blush pans are actually fixed on a moveable metallic tray. For each blush there is a round shape impression to be fixed in. Every blush pan is containing a magnetic coin on it's bottom so that it can be properly fix- in. 
The six fantabulous shades are :
Blush Baby
Breath Of Plum
Spring Sheen


           Blush Baby  /                                        Breezy   /                                        Mocha

                        Prism /                                    Breath of plum /                               Spring Sheen
Blush Baby:

One of the M.A.C's best seller. A beige-pink powder blush is so sheer, neutral and matte in nature.
I really liked its subtleness.

A jewel toned plumy berry color, having sheer tone shimmer with slight gold sparkle.
little hard to blend but good pigmentation. 

A Soft plum shade with earthy toned pink. Texture is powdery , very smooth to apply and easily blend able. Goes on matte side with a single  hint of shimmer.

Pink blush with brown under tones towards muddy neutral. Highly pigmented and easily blend able. This is the only muted color in the entire palette which can not catch much of  my ingratiation. I will utilize it for my no makeup looks.
Breath Of Plum:

Gorgeous tone plumy pink color perfect for daily use. This beautiful sheer color gives beautiful effect on day look as well if worn at night . It is supper pigmented with smooth application.
Spring Sheen:

Sheer tone blush with gold shimmer. It is easily buildable beautiful coral shade which is so easy to apply and blend. Highly pigmented.

Price And Availability;
It can be ordered online directly through MAC's website.
I got mine for pkr 13,000 through amor , a very famous Facebook makeup store.
If you have any beloved MAC blush so please share your thoughts in comments box.
A very good bye till my next post!